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By registering with Emerald Health Therapeutics, you will benefit from over 60 years of cannabis growing knowledge in combination with our cutting-edge science. Our medical cannabis oils and dried cannabis are grown in small batches in our state-of-the-art facilities. Every batch of our cannabis is rigorously tested to ensure a consistent product and dosage for our patients.

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Download, print, and complete the Application For Medical Cannabis form below, or register online.


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Have your physician complete the Medical Document available below.


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STEP THREE (optional)

If your Caregiver(s) will be helping you with your orders, or your Physician will be receiving the dried cannabis or cannabis oil on your behalf, please have them complete the Supplemental Attestation Form below.


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Submit your completed & signed documents to Emerald Health.

Emerald Health Therapeutics
310, 777 Royal Oak Drive
P.O. Box 24076
Victoria, BC
V8X 4V1

Alternatively, your physician may send the documents to Emerald via secure, private fax at 1.855.623.3325.

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